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Gold Plated Valentine Necklace

Price: $25.00
Item Number: 0064NG
Manufacturer: Drummer Cove Design
Manufacturer Part No: 0064NG
The Gold Valentine is a Cardioidea shell the scientific name for cockle shell. The shell is 1.5 " H, 1.0" W, weighs .4 oz. with an 18" gold plated cord.
There are 250 members of this family of mollusk. The Lunulicardia Hemicardia (shown above) is a species of cockle that looks like a heart. Therefore this necklace is bound to warm the cockles of your valentine's heart. (Especially if your valentine is a shell collector, beach comber or beach bum). The Cardioidea Shell is attached to an 18 inch gold cord.
Any of approximately 250 species (family Cardiidae) of marine bivalves distributed worldwide. They range in diameter from about 0.5 in. (1 cm) to about 6 in. (15 cm). The two valves of the shell are equal in size and shape and range in colour from brown to red or yellow. Most species live just below the low-tide line, though some have been obtained from depths of more than 1,500 ft (500 m) or in the intertidal zone. Many species are marketed commercially for their meat. For more information on cockle, visit

The technique of replicating the exact shape of sea creatures was developed by Jeff Mitchell, a pewter smith who lives in Wellfleet, Cape Cod. All sea creatures are cast in a high grade, lead free pewter (some are gold plated).

(c) 2019 Jeff Mitchell           P/N: 0064NG

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