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zWellfleet Oyster on a Rock

Price: $32.00
Item Number: 0028
Manufacturer: Drummer Cove Design
Manufacturer Part No: 0028
The mold for this pewter casting was taken from an oyster cluster found on Great Island in Cape Cod Bay. The cluster consists of two oysters that are attached to a small rock. The combined size is 2 1/2 inches long, 1 5/8 inches wide and 1 3/4 inches high. The combined weight is 2.7 ounces.
This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves oysters. It makes a great paper weight, home accent or keepsake.
Wellfleet oysters have been considered some of the world's best for generations. The Wellfleet oyster is an eastern oyster, crassostrea virginica by species, the same kind of oyster that grows in Long Island Sound, as far south as the Chesapeake Bay, and up into Canada's Maritime Provinces in the north. In the beginning of the 1800s, Wellfleet's native oyster population was nearly depleted. Aquaculture, as we know it today, began as Wellfleetians imported young oysters from points south, flavored and fattened them in local estuaries, then harvested them for sale in the lucrative Boston market.

The technique of replicating the exact shape of sea creatures was developed by Jeff Mitchell, a pewter smith who lives in Wellfleet, Cape Cod. All sea creatures are cast in a high grade, lead free pewter.

© 2010 Jeff Mitchell     - -    P/N: 0028

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